Tigger Theme Party

by Claire Minnaar


Just the other day we discussed a Winnie the Pooh birthday party theme – but Winnie isn’t necessarily every child’s favourite character! So today’s party theme focuses on the secret star of the show: Good ol’ bouncy Tigger!


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Look & Feel

In terms of colour scheme, Tigger himself is all the inspiration you need – bright orange and stark black. Add splashes of forest green and wooden elements to really capture that woodlands feel. If at all possible, consider having the party outside in the garden or in a foresty setting. Even though it’s a Tigger themed party, there’s no reason why the other characters can’t attend the festivities too – so let your little one dress up like the bouncy tiger, and request that guests come dressed as their favourite characters.

Eats & Treats

Just like Pooh, Tigger loves honey! Filly syringes with golden syrup and serve crunchy honeycomb with chocolate. Cheese curls and other orange treats are also fitting, and keep an eye out for Tigger shaped cookie cutters. Consider dipping chocolate pars or pretzel sticks in orange frosting and decorate with delicious molten chocolate drizzle.

Fun & Games

Hopping is a must! So include a variety of jumping games like jump rope, hopscotch and bunny hops in the party agenda, and see if you can get some pogo sticks for the kids to play around with. Hire a make-up artist to turn kiddies into Tiggers, and make long windy Tigger tails out of wire and fabric for them to flaunt.

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