Newsletter Advertising

by Claire Minnaar

Given our market is busy Moms, we are very strict about how many emails we send our subscriber base PLUS what we send them. Moms do not always have a lot of time on their hands and therefore, we like to ensure they receive good or useful information when receiving a newsletter from MomTalk.

What we need from you for a Newsletter

  • Option 1: The ideal scenario is that you provide us with all the images and the content in an HTML format. You would typically get your web designer / graphic designer to put the HTML code together for you and you would send that onto us to handle from there.
  • Option 2: If this is NOT possible, we will require you send us all the images and the content to use in the newsletter. We will choose a suitable template for the newsletter and set it up accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

  • Should content not be received by the Friday before the newsletter is due to go out, we cannot be held responsible for delays.
  • Delays in content MAY result in your mailer having to be cancelled and re-scheduled for another week (based on availability).
  • reserves the right to deny a particular newsletter from being sent out as a result of content being unsuitable or unacceptable. In such cases, we will advise what needs to be changed and require the content to be sent through to us latest the Friday before the mailer is due to go out.

Book a Newsletter

We LOVE to communicate with our subscribers, so please contact us should you have something you would like to share with our Moms and costs associated will be finalised over emails.