Mischief Managed { Harry Potter Birthday }

by Claire Minnaar


8 and up


Stick to the colours of browns, greens, black, maroon or deep red and mustard yellow.

Harry Potter Party Details

If your kids are major fans of Harry Potter, then perhaps a magical birthday celebration is on the cards – and they don’t even have to share a birthday with the Boy Who Lived!

Dressing up in wizard outfits is non-negotiable! When the kids arrive, have a selection of sticks and twigs of varying lengths and widths so everyone can choose their wand at Ollivander’s. On the décor front, hang “floating (battery operated) candles” from the ceiling with fishing line, house flags hanging on the walls and suitcases stacked in the corners.

When it comes to fun and games, nothing quite beats a game of run-around Quidditch! Make sure every child has a broom to “fly” on, and tie a stocking with a tennis ball (AKA “the snitch”) around one child’s waist. Another excellent entertainment option is a treasure hunt, complete with a Marauder’s Map.

Food-wise, the options are virtually endless thanks to Honeydukes! From pumpkin biscuits (pasties) and every flavour (jelly) beans, to chocolate wands, butterbeer (which is really just apple juice), chocolate frogs and more. For a healthier take on it, serve some bites out of Professor Sprout’s garden, and set up a smoothie bar where the kids can mix their own “potions”.

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