The Magic of Moana { Hawaiian Party }

by Claire Minnaar

Take a trip to Hawaii for your little one’s next birthday bash! Moana is the mini adventurer that every modern little girl aspires to be – and let’s be honest, she’s quite possibly one of the best role models on the Disney scene at the moment. But where do you even begin to plan a Moana themed party? Let’s dig in.


2 years and Up

Colour Scheme

Think Hawaii colours, so colours of the sea, coral, etc which would include blues, oranges, greens and touches of brown – similar to the Little Mermaid Birthday Party Theme.

Moana Party Details

In a nutshell, we’re talking all things Hawaiian – from hula skirts to palm fronts, and everything in between. When the little guests arrive, make sure you’ve got a few leis ready to drape around their necks or, better yet, flower crowns. This could also be turned into a party activity, inviting the girls to make their own while having their faces painted with Hawaiian dots and squiggles.

Serve plenty of coconut ice, cake pops, water and other coconut inspired treats, and if you can get your hands on a few real coconuts to decorate the tables, even better! This is also the perfect excuse to “keep it healthy” with plenty of cut fruit like watermelon, pineapple and bananas.

Use strips of brown paper and large paper flowers to decorate the ceiling and make it feel like you’re sitting in under a palm covered roof. In fact, if you can host the party on the beach or by the pool that would probably be first prize. As the flower of Hawaii, hibiscus should feature everywhere – on the invitation design, hanging from the ceiling, and tucked behind each little girl’s ear – and let’s not forget plenty of shells and fishes wherever you look.

Keep it colourful, keep it festive, and give the girls plenty of room to express themselves creatively!

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