A Llama Fun { Llama Party }

by Claire Minnaar

Step aside unicorns and mermaids, it’s time to bring the barnyard to your home and into your little one’s party with a La…La…LLAMA party theme! Llamas are cute, whimsical and fuzzy and this is a winning combination for any little one’s party!


All ages


Soft colours with pinks and white traditionally being the dominant colours. But greens, blues, oranges / peach work well with this theme too.

Llama Party Details

The key to this party is to think whimsical! 

Decor Ideas

  • Incorporate the cactus into the theme – it’s definitely a growing trend and brings this festive theme together.
  • For favours or bags, add the name of each child receiving a favour bag below a written or printed out line that reads “Como Se Llama?” (means What is your name?)
  • Incorporate pink hearts on the table(s) – Llama is all about love and no drama, after all.
  • Foods to help with bringing out the colours for this theme:
      • Macaroons
      • Zoo biscuits
      • Popcorn
      • Donuts
      • Grapes
      • Strawberries
      • Marshmallows
      • Lamingtons 
      • Cupcakes with white icing topped with hundreds and thousands
  • Get your hands on a few ice cream sticks and try sticking some Llama print outs towards the top of each stick for the children to use in their drinks or keep as a party souvenir.

Catering Ideas

  • Pack different colours of candy floss e.g. white, light pink and light blue layers into small plastic bags and add a label that reads ““Llama Fluff”.
  • Have white cupcakes with sprinkles of shredded coconut on the icing to give the Llama fluff look. Add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and a marshmallow with a drawn on smile for the Llamas mouth.
  • Using hundreds and thousands sprinkles where you can to bring out the colours of the theme. Works well on top of cupcakes, the cake, donuts, etc.
  • Visit your local shop and find colourful paper plates to use for the food being served or for use by the guests at the party. Opt for more than 1 colour plate, for example pink and green plates, to mix and match the colours you have incorporated in the party.
  • Search the web for Llama party printables – there are 100s of different prints you can do which won’t cost a fortune, will help with the DIY part of the party and will be a fun activity to do with your little Llama leading up to the party.
  • What’s a party without a pinata?! And, a Llama pinata is a hit at any party, so don’t forget this little addition for the big day.

Images and their credits can be found on the Llama Party Inspiration Pinterest Board

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