Wonder Woman { Power Party }

by Claire Minnaar

When the new Wonder Woman movie first came out, I was simply overjoyed. After years and years of the male hero and “damsel in distress” trope, finally we have a real female hero for kids to mimic and look up to. What a time to be alive and, better yet, be a mother! This makes the next party theme a complete no brainer – and when I started hunting for ideas, I was not disappointed.


3 years and up

Colour Scheme

Red, Blue, Yellow and White are definitely the colours to incorporate in this theme!

Wonder Woman Party Details

Let’s start with the colour scheme – red, blue, gold and a little white. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s ideal for a kids’ party. These colours can be represented in everything from the kids’ attire to the party treats – and you can even put a healthy spin on it with a variety of strawberries, blue berries, water melon and more.

Set out plenty of props for the kids to play with including Wonder Woman’s iconic shield, and don’t forget to stick big “BOOM!” and “CRASH!” signs everywhere for added impact. You can also invite the kids to dress up as their favourite Justice League character, or even extend it as far as any comic book character.

On the topic of comic books, there’s plenty you can do with comic printouts – for example, stick it all over the walls or use the pages to decorate the party bags. In addition, you can set out crayons for the little ones to colour their own comic book pages. Last but not least, give the kids the opportunity to test their Wonder Woman strength with a big W piñata.

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