Brighten Up that Backpack!

by Claire Minnaar


It’s back to school time again – and today we’re looking at the humble backpack. Now as mom to a teen, you probably know the significance this seemingly simple school accessory holds in the “inner circles”. But this year, instead of buying the most expensive backpack on the market, encourage your teen to attempt a little DIY work.

Here are some ideas that are bound to make them stand out from the crowd:

  • Use beads and fishing line to make hanging strands of sparkle.
  • Collect a variety of fun and colourful badges and brooches and pin it to every inch of the backpack.
  • Go crazy with some fabric paint and a cardboard stencil or two.
  • Attach a variety of quirky key chains to the various zippers on the backpack.
  • Sew fluffy pompoms to the pack – for instance in the shape of a butterfly or a flower.
  • Keep an eye out for quirky iron-on patterns and shapes – especially funky military ones for your boy’s bag.
  • Replace one or more of the panels with a different coloured fabric to jazz it up.
  • Sew big squares of bright fabric onto the pack, using large blanket stitches, for a patchwork effect.
  • Use glitter pens to write your child’s name on the bag and allow her to draw cute patterns all over it. Be sure to do it in pencil first to avoid irreparable mistakes.
  • Make pretty rosettes out of ribbon or fabric and add a touch of lace for a backpack with feminine edge.
  • Sew on a variety of bright and colourful buttons!
  • Replace the standard buckles with something more vibrant – like colourful or diamante buckles, available at most haberdasheries.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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