Under the Sea { Little Mermaid Party }

by Claire Minnaar

The Little Mermaid is one of those classic tales that, no matter how many years pass, will never lose its following. If your little one is currently smack bam in the middle of her Little Mermaid obsession phase, then listen up because we’re about to talk ideas for her next birthday party!


2 years and Up

Colour Scheme

Look for colours that represent the sea and underwater world such as blues, greens, purple and pink.

Party Details

Firstly, this will most likely be a summer party, so be sure to tell all the little girls to come dressed as mermaids but not to forget their swimming costumes. Alternatively, you can also set out a big dress-up box with colourful wigs, crowns, leggings, fairy wands, and more, and hire someone to paint their faces with glitter and sequins galore.

Bubbles in every shape, form and colour are absolutely essential. From helium balloons imitating bubbles on the ceiling, to mini bottles of bubbles for the kiddos to blow – the options are virtually endless. The same can be said for shells, which are an inexpensive way to decorate any table – and don’t forget to add a few shell shaped choccies to the mix!

If the kids are still very small, why not set up a sandpit where they can play with buckets and spades? In addition, you can have them play the fishing game (with sticks and magnets), as well as the old favourite “pin the tail on the mermaid”. An ocean-themed treasure hunt is also guaranteed to be a winner, and there’s no greater crowd pleaser than a deliciously colourful cupcake or cookie decorating station.

Other ideas:

  • Set up a designated area with wooden treasure chests for kiddies to decorate with paint, stickers, ribbons and more.
  • Adding crab-looking eyes to sandwiches or fruit pieces to symbolise Sebastian – Ariel’s faithful companion in all her adventures. These will work well with croissants which form a nice crab/lobster shape.
  • Cut out mermaid tails from coloured cardboard and placing them alongside snacks or as part of the decor. Add a tail or 2 with glitter to add to the sparkle of the day!
  • Add decor elements / items in that can represent the underwater world such as sea horses, fish, star fish, seaweed, etc.
  • Here are some snack ideas and names for each:
    • Sea Water: Add some blue colourant to water
    • Mermaid Popcorn: Make some popcorn in various colours such as pink and purple and serve in pop corn boxes
    • Sebastian Sandwiches: Create a savoury snack with croissants and 2 eyes on toothpicks.
    • Seashell Pasta: Buy the shell pasta from any supermarket and serve with some tasty additions as another savoury dish for both adults and kids to snack on
    • Seaweed Grapes: Take sosatie sticks and add strings of grape to them – another healthy snack!
    • Coral: Create some rock candy in the various colours.
    • Mermaid Bark: Make some yoghurt bark with the various colours and decorate with silver sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.

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