Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

by Claire Minnaar


Probably one of the most popular animations in history, Winnie the Pooh plays and has played an important role in the childhood of most little ones.


0 to 6 years

Colour Scheme

Simple yet soft shades of all the basic colours – think watercolour effects.  Naturally yellow and red are both musts, not to mention green (for the forest) and honey.

Décor and Goodies

Turn yellow Chinese lanterns into beehives by simply gluing little paper bees onto it as decoration. Simple terracotta planter pots can instantly become honey jars with a lick of paint dribble along the edge. Scatter leaves on the table and apply vinyl tree stickers to the walls, or better yet – host the party in the garden or in a lovely sunny forest-like setting!

Fun and Games

Games like “pin the tail on Eeore” will keep the little ones entertained, and don’t forget to send them on a treasure hunt to find those golden candy-filled honey pots. In the case of older kiddies, you can also build a beehive piñata filled with honey-flavoured sweets.

Eats and Treats

Serve delicious homemade honeycomb, dipped in chocolate, and honey-gold fruit juice. Instead of a traditional party pack, fill mock honeypots with a selection of candies and sweet treats, and spoil the kiddies with small jars of golden syrup to dip Piglet-pink marshmallows in. Honey isn’t all Pooh’s friends nibble – carrots are big too! So be sure to have plenty of carrot cake and cheese curls on hand.

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