Jurassic World Savage Strike™ Dinosaur Action Figure Collection

by Claire Minnaar

Be a part of the Jurassic World adventure with the ultimate in dinosaur rivalry and battle action! These smaller-size dinosaur action figures capture the ultimate movie action with their Savage Strike™ attack moves iconic to their respective species. 

Play out movie action scenes with Savage Strike™ attack moves like biting, head ramming, wing flapping and more. Just press a designated area on the dinosaur action figure to make it move (each dinosaur activation varies). Figures also include articulated arms and legs, realistic sculpting and authentic decoration.

Get ready to battle it out—Savage Strike™ style—with these fierce action figures! Each sold separately, subject to availability. For more dinosaur fun, download the Jurassic World Facts app (Android and iOS) to scan and watch each dinosaur come to life, learn attack facts, compare stats and more!

Camp Cretaceous is on Netflix 

The adventure doesn’t stop there. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is a available on Netflix. You can join in on the excitement as six teens invited to attend a state-of-the-art adventure camp on Isla Numbar must band together to survive when the dinosaurs break out of captivity.

Have you Downloaded the Jurassic World App?

On the app there is so much to do. Firstly, start off by scanning the bottom of your dinosaurs foot and unlock what’s inside. 


Scan the marker under the foot of your Mattel Jurassic World dinosaur figure to see that dinosaur come to life! Collect as many as you can. Hear your dinosaurs roar, stomp, and see their iconic moves!


Explore Jurassic World map and make sure to collect dinosaurs in all 4 different habitats.


  • How much does a Velociraptor weigh?
  • How much does a T-Rex eat every day?
  • Learn more about your favourite dinosaurs to become the ultimate dinosaur expert.


Test your knowledge to earn points and badges! A total of 10 rank titles to achieve, compete with your friends and see who ranks higher!



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