The Incredible Incredibles { Movie Party Theme }

by Claire Minnaar

When you asked your little one what birthday theme they’d like, the answer was simple: something incredible. Well, that’s a tall order – or is it? With the release of Incredibles 2, I predict that every child is going to be asking for an “incredible party”, so here are a few tips and tricks for throwing the ultimate incredible bash:

  • Opt for a red and black colour scheme with pops of bright yellow and orange everywhere.
  • Have t-shirts printed for every child with the Incredibles logo on the chest.
  • Use cardboard boxes and paper to build your own city skyline as a photo booth backdrop.
  • You’re not an incredible without the signature black mask! If you don’t want to buy it from a party shop, make your own with black felt or paper and elastic.
  • Print out little comic style signs like “Boom!” and “Pow!” which the kids can use as props in the photo booth.
  • Set up an obstacle course in the backyard which they need to overcome with their “superpowers” – like pushing a “heavy” barrel across the yard like Mr Incredible, or running superfast like Dash.
  • Other games can include “pin the mask to Violet’s face” and you can also give the kids slime to play with, as a throwback to Elastigirl. You can also challenge the kids to come up with their own superpowers.
  • Serve superhero punch and plenty of cupcakes, cake pops and sweets in the colours of the Incredibles.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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