Fortnite Party

by Claire Minnaar

If you regularly hear terms such as “chug”, “bolt”, “epic”, “V bucks”, “baited”, “slurp juice”, “marshmello”, you’re definitely in the company of Fortnite enthusiasts. This game is loved by many, young and old, across the world and whether or not you like the game, it’s here to stay and you may very well find yourself being asked to host a Fortnite party in the future, so here’s a little Fortnite party ideas to help you on your way to hosting an epic party.


8 years and up **


Black, white, yellow and blue and camo colours.

THEME Party Details

Marshmello Ideas

Marshmello is a firm favourite, so including the Marshmello face in the party is a must and well be well received by the Fortniters attending the party. With this in mind, here are some ways you can incorporate Marshmello into your party:

  • Have a bowl of Marshmellos made from marshmellows in your party treats. Use Liquorice to make the smile and eyes (X shape) or a black edible ink pen.
  • In addition to or instead of the marshmello marshmallows above, have some cupcakes topped with the marshmello marshmallows on top.
  • Buy some paper bags and draw Marshmello’s face on with a thick cokey pen or get some black cardboard and cut out the X-shape for the eyes and a black smile.
  • Purchase yourself some white balloons and using a black cokey or Smarty pen, draw Marshmello’s face. Tie to one of the paper goodie bags mentioned above.

Catering Ideas

  • Create some Medkits by creaking some rice crispy squares and applying a red strip of cardboard paper / tissue paper with a white medical cross around each rice crispy square.
  • Have a bowl or create little packets of M&Ms / Smarties with “Boogie Bombs” as the label
  • Have a large container filled with cold water bottles with a sign that reads “Chug jug”. On the container, attach a helium balloon that reads “DROP” on it.
  • Jelly filled syringes in red or orange will be a sure win. Place them alongside a label that reads “Revive Shot”
  • A Pinata is always loved by kids – so consider having a Fortnite Llama pinata for kids to bash away at when it’s time for some sweets, fun and games! 
  • Other foods and signs:
    • Tortilla chips with a sign “Shields”
    • Plate of celery and / or carrots can be labelled “Joysticks”
    • Mini white marshmallows with the labelled “Snow Balls”
    • Fruit pieces labelled “Ammo”
    • Biscuits decorated with fondant with the letter “V” (for V Bucks)

Decor ideas

  • Create signs (black signs with white writing, ideally) you can apply to various areas of the house or garden which point in different directions. Signs can include locations such as:
    • Fatal Fields
    • Tilted Towers
    • Lucky Landing
    • Dusty Depot
    • Battle Royale
  • Create a bunting of TNT – this can be done by collecting a few toilet roll / calton roll (cut in half) cardboard centers, wrapping them in red tissue / cardboard paper and tying 2 or 3 together with black tape to make 1 TNT bomb. Hang the TNTs on a long piece of string which can be placed across a door opening, across a curtain or just on the wall somewhere.
  • Have a dedicated area with a screen where you can host a dance challenge. The best dancer wins a great prize!
  • Have a shooting range area in the corner of the garden (away from animals and little ones). Have some nerf guns available with some targets to shoot.
  • Host a Battle Royale and place various “DROP” bags around the house or garden for them to use for survival. Fill bags with some fun or yummy supplies. Hide them well – don’t make it too obvious where the bags are – trees, pot plants, bushes, sheds, tables are good places to hide them.

Chat to your child(ren) about more ideas. Find out their favourite Fortnite character names or things such as their weapons or locations in the game they love so you can incorporate more of their favourites in their party.

Images and their credits can be found on Pinterest under the Fornite Party board.

** While the Fortnite age restriction is 12 and up, I have heard and read about many kids who are younger are playing this game which is why I have mentioned a lower age for this party theme.

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