Planes Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar


Following the success of this stunningly imaginative kids’ movie, it’s no surprise that little ones everywhere are requesting a Planes theme for their next birthday party!

Colour Scheme

Here we’re mainly looking at bright blue and orange as base colours, with yellow accents, as well as plenty of white to represent clouds.

Look & Feel

Go ballistic with the colour scheme and fill the party room with balloons, Chinese lanterns and a variety of other floating and flying decorations. What’s more, fold and hang paper jets from the ceiling and decorate the walls with white paper cloud cutouts as well as cotton wool. Cover the party table in a blue table cloth and use cut-out clouds as placemats.

Eats & Treats

Draw inspiration from the clouds and serve blue jelly with vanilla ice cream, as well as blue and white cotton candy. Bake plane-shaped biscuits which the little ones can decorate and let’s not forget bottles of “jet fuel” for them to sip on. Turn the candy table into a landing strip of sorts and place the Planes birthday cake on top, as if ready for take-off.

Fun & Games

Let the boys build their own mini model airplanes, whether out of cardboard, paper or wood – and have plenty of paints and decorative tidbits on hand for them to personalise their planes. Alternatively, let them dress up as planes and lay a long piece of black fabric down on the grass as “landing strip” from which they can “take off”. What’s more, have them play games like “pin the propeller on the plane”

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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