Bristles + Brushes { Recycled Toothbrushes }

by Claire Minnaar


Every so often, it’s time to replace those old toothbrushes in order to keep your family’s chompers in tip top shape! But with the shift to green living, one has to ask the burning question: What to do with the now orphaned and abandoned brushes?

  • Once thoroughly cleaned and sterilised, you can put old tooth brushes to good use with anyone of these nifty ideas:
  • Add the brushes to your home cleaning supply cupboard, to reach and scrupt those hard to reach little places like corners and crevices.
  • Use brush and paint to create interesting spray designs – simply dip the brush in the paint, place your thumb at the top of the brush and move your finger down across the bristles so the paint is flicked off and onto the canvass.
  • Come Easter, toothbrushes are ideal for painting and decorating eggs! Use it to create all kinds of lines, bristle stamps and cute designs.
  • Use the brush to create lovely painted feather designs to decorate cards, gift wrap and so forth.
  • After a day working in the garden or painting with the kids, use a toothbrush to clean out the stubborn dirt from underneath your nails.
  • Next time you’re attempting to dye a pair of shoes or jeans, use a toothbrush to really work that dye deep into the fabric.
  • Toothbrushes are ideal for most type of kiddie paint projects as they’re much easier for little ones to hold and handle than a normal paint brush.

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