Minecraft Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar


If your kiddies are hooked to Minecraft, you’re going to want to sit up straight and open up your brain for this party theme!


7 to 13

Colour scheme

Various shades of green with black and brown accents. From there you can also have a go at the game to see what other bright colours pop up.

Look and Feel

Pixels (that’s to say, those digital squares) will play a major role in the décor of the day – for instance, use square pieces of paper to turn an entire wall into a pixelated grid, decorate the cake with pixelated creatures, stack colourful cardboard boxes in the corners and on the table, and just go pixel mad! Use insulation tape to turn the floor into a Minecraft grid and opt for cubes instead of normal chairs for the little ones to sit on. In terms of fun and games, why not turn the backyard into a Minecraft inspired obstacle course?

Food and Drink

Draw inspiration from the many elements that the Minecraft avatar collects along the way – for instance red liquorice rods labeled as “TNT”, chocolates wrapped in gold paper to resemble gold bars, blue jelly cubes that look like water, black liquorice as coal, and cheese curls that resemble carrots PLUS things like cookies, watermelon and chicken nuggets which appear throughout the game. This can be further enhanced by serving the aforementioned pixel inspired treats like rice crispy squares, blocks of cakes instead of cupcakes and so on. Have plenty of green “creeper-ade” for the little ones to drink and green grapes and gumballs that represent “creeper eggs”.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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