DIY Headboards { Revamp + Recycle }

by Claire Minnaar


So you’re a bit board with your headboard – does that mean you need to buy a new bed or pay a fortune for a not-even-all-that-special header piece? If you’re a DIY lover, you already know the answer to that. So without further ado, here are a couple of ideas to get your head (and board) in the game:

  • Attach an old battered wooden door to the wall behind the bed or play around with an assortment of old window frames.
  • Create a montage-type headboard by arranging a number of large canvases, mirrors, vinyl stickers or picture frames on the wall.
  • Paint your headboard directly onto the wall, using beautiful stenciling techniques to personalise it even further.
  • Alternatively, use blackboard paint to coat the stretch of wall behind the bed and draw your own version of a headboard onto it using a simple stick of chalk.
  • Attach a curtain rod to the wall and change the headboard ‘curtain’ every so often to match your mood.
  • Use an antique room divider as headboard or better yet, old shutters – all too striking, especially when refurbished and lined up next side by side.
  • Install a bookshelf or floating shelves above your bed to hold all your evening reads and other essential bits and bobs.
  • Create a rustic looking headboard using the base of a recycled wooden shipping pallet or use industrial quality double sided tape to stick flat seat cushions onto the wall to make a padded headboard, so to speak.
  • Whoever said a headboard can only be yea-high? Extend your DIY masterpiece all the way up and onto the ceiling for an added element of drama.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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