Lego Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar


Lego is, has and will always be one of the most popular and downright epic toys ever invented. With the recent launch of the Lego movie, it’s no surprise that these colourful bricks have stacked up to become the ultimate birthday party theme of the season!


8 to 13

Colour Scheme

Predominantly red and yellow (drawing inspiration from the Lego logo), as well as bright, bold, primary colours. Have a look at the Lego pieces in your son’s toy box for inspiration.

Eats & Treats

A Lego-shaped birthday cake is of course a must, and you can go as far as to decorate it with Lego figurines, each holding a candle in their tiny hand. Turn juice boxes into Lego blocks by wrapping them in colour paper and organise the candy table by colour for extra impact – for instance, one jar packed with red liquorice rods and another filled with blue jelly beans. Brightly coloured Lego-shaped sugar biscuits are easy to make – simply bake rectangular cookies, frost with colourful icing and add extra blobs to recreate the legendary building block.

Décor and Goodies

The idea is to build most of your elements out of actual Lego bricks – for instance, the cutlery holders, place mats and coasters. Decorate the walls with multi-coloured paper rectangles to create the illusion of being inside a Lego castle and why not let the little ones dress up for the occasion? You can also buy yellow paper plates and draw Lego faces on them, and collect baby food jars – painted yellow, they resemble Lego man face which make for the ideal treat containers! What’s more, take your son shopping beforehand to choose a Lego figurine for each of his friends to go in the party bags.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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Matshidiso Mtshali February 5, 2015 - 2:20 pm

when I threw my son’s 1st birthday party I struggled to find his mickey fist theme and a vegan birthday cake (after over 20 failed attempts to bake one myself). the next party he has might be Lego theme, I love the colours. He can definitely have cake too (found an awesome place that the best vegan cakes)

Claire Minnaar February 5, 2015 - 2:29 pm

Awesome Matshidiso! Thanks for sharing! And, let me know where you can get the vegan cakes – am intrigued =)


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