Mental Block { DIY Cube Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


Cubes are one of the craft world’s most versatile shapes, and the possibilities are so amazingly endless, you’ll almost be convinced your little block has more than just six sides! Whether you use it in décor or kiddies’ play, wooden blocks never lose their charm or sense of practicality – here are a couple of ideas to prove that being a square ain’t half bad:

  • Glue a photo of each member of the family to the individual sides of the wooden block to create a shape-shifter “photo frame”.
  • Make your very own paint stamps! Simply stick a piece of string, foam or felt on the side of a wooden block, creating a shape of your choosing.
  • Attach a wire-and-clip to the block and decorate it to ultimately turn it into a stunning little paperweight-slash-note holder.
  • Use 9 blocks to make a stunning naughts-and-crosses play set for the coffee table. The trick is to ensure that each block has a naught and cross painted on one of the sides – how you decorate the rest of the block is up to you.
  • Paint letters on the sides to either make them pass as DIY building blocks for toddlers or décor elements for the home.
  • Turn the cubes into giant dice! These are ideal for outdoor games as well as younger children who might choke on ordinary dice.
  • Make a 3D puzzle! Start by arranging 6 blocks in a rectangle. Choose your favourite photo, cut it into six pieces and stick it onto the individual blocks. Then turn each block on its side so you have a brand new “canvas” on which to apply your next picture!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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