Impress your Guests with Glass: 5 DIY Kiddie Favours

by Claire Minnaar


To the untrained eye, kids parties are all about celebrating another milestone in your little one’s life. But let’s be honest – as moms, we have a teeny tiny hidden agenda when it comes to throwing a kiddie bash: Impressing the other mommies and earning the title of “best mom on the block”. Nothing says “this is not your average party” quite like clear shimmering glass. So once your kids have reached a more responsible age, it’s time to break out the glass (figuratively of course) and wow your kiddie guests (subtext: their moms).

Snow globes make excellent party favours and mementos! It’s as simple as gluing a small plastic animal to the inside of the jar lid, and then filling the jar with sugar or glycerine water. Add half a teaspoon of glitter, screw on the animal lid (extra tightly) and voila!

Spill-proof goblets are the ultimate prevention method for sticky red cooldrink on your white couch. Turn recycled glass jars into nifty sippy cups by drilling a small hole in the middle of the lid and sliding a straw through it. Decorate the jar and fill it with the most deliciously messy drinks, before screwing the lid on tightly for easy spill-free drinking.

Jars of jelly are a delicious way to add colour to the occasion! Make rainbow jelly jars by layering different coloured jellies and letting each layer set in the fridge before adding the next. Alternatively stir in pieces of fruit, gummy worms or jelly babies for an extra surprise treat.

Animal favour jars are a practical and reusable replacement for disposable party bags. Attach a plastic animal (or little army man) to the lid of the jar, and use spray paint to coat both lid and animal in a colour of your choice. Fill the jar with an assortment of eye-catching candies, soap bubbles, face paint or more plastic animals.

Painted jars always look fantastic, but if you’ve ever tried painting one yourself, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. A quick trick is to paint the inside of the jar so that you don’t lose the smooth finish of the glass, or buy some glass glaze at a local craft store and let the kiddies paint and make their own jar-lanterns.

Get cracking, mom!

This blog post has been brought to you by Consol in association with #ChooseGlassWeek.

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