Chore Boards { Using Baking Trays }

by Claire Minnaar

Let’s face it – nobody likes chores. But it’s one of those “burdens of life”, and it’s essential that the kids play their part in getting the job done. A while ago we spoke about chore sticks and how this simple tool can turn everyday chores into oodles of fun. The next step in the “chorevolution” is magnetic chore boards! They’re easy to make, easy to use and the kids will love the interactive aspect thereof.

You will need:

  • Metal baking trays/cookie sheets (one per child)
  • A number of magnets
  • See-through dome stickers
  • Glue
  • A printer and paper!
  • Washi tape, rhinestones and other decorations

Creating these chore sheets is honestly the easiest DIY in the world, and you’ll soon see why! Essentially your cookie sheet will become the chore board, so start off by spray painting it in a colour of your choice. Once dried, you want to start off by labelling each tray with each child’s name – either using a printed label, washi tape or letter stickers – up to you! Next the tray needs to be divided into 3 clear sections:

  1. The “to do” section (where you place the chores that you’d like to be completed that day);
  2. The “done” section (where your child moves the chores once they are completed);
  3. And a random blank section (where you can place the chores that aren’t “in play” right now).

Once you’ve marked out the sections with washi tape or a permanent marker, be sure to clearly mark the “to do” and “done” sections.

To make the magnets, print out the chores on circles of paper that are the same size as your dome stickers – and then pop the stickers over the text. Cut around the sticker, and then glue a magnet onto the back. Magnets – DONE!

Finally, hang the completed cookie trays on the wall within “kids’ reach”, and add the magnets. Be sure to show the kids how the boards work, and set clear rules and repercussions in place.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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