Fussy Eater’s Supplementation

by Claire Minnaar


If you have followed and read Momtrepreneur for a while, you most likely will know that I was blessed with fussy eaters! And, having fussy eaters can be stressful particularly on days your kids refuse point blank to not eat anything you really want them to eat in the line of things healthy.

I have to admit that I have shed a tear or two some days when it feels like a fight when all I want for them is to get the nutrients their bodies need so they can be strong and healthy.

Thankfully, I know I am NOT alone in this. I have written a few blog posts on getting fussy eaters to eat – a top blog / article being on tips and tricks to disguising vegetables in food e.g. replacing your standard pizza base with a cauliflower pizza base. But, disguising doesn’t always work and in these cases, some form of supplementation is crucial for kids and Mom’s peace of mind.

I’ve been introduced to a supplement called PediaSure which may be something of interest to you…

About Pediasure Complete

PediaSure Complete is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement (scientifically-proven), ideal for the picky or fussy eater. Pediasure ensures that children who are fussy eaters receive the nutritional support they need to grow and develop normally, while giving moms complete peace of mind that their child’s nutritional requirements have been attended to.

If you are someone like me with fussy eaters or are looking to give your kids some additional supplementation, find out more about PediaSure Complete and how it can help your children’s nutritional needs on the links below:


This post is sponsored by PediaSure®Complete. The comments on this page do not constitute medical advice.
Your healthcare professional is best placed to evaluate your child’s growth and development.
Should you have any concerns or questions, please seek advice from your healthcare professional? For product-related  questions, contact the Abbott Nutrition Support Line on 0861 22 68 87.

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