Last-minute Advent Calendars { DIY in a Jiffy }

by Claire Minnaar

Oh dear! It’s almost December already? Let’s face it – this year has practically zoomed past, and odds are you’ve been so busy, you still need to buy that an advent calendar! Well, when you’re an innovative mom, it’s never too late. Whether you’re counting down 10, 12 or 20 days ‘til Christmas or have a few weeks to go, here are a few fun ways to make your own calendars:

  • Buy a whole bunch of mini gift bags and hang it on a wooden tree or on the mantelpiece.
  • Make a calendar using recycled glass jars, and paint the numbers on the sides or line the insides with paper.
  • Fill the holes of a muffin pan with little treats, and cover each one with a paper circle.
  • Use paper cups with plastic lids! Once filled, place them all along the mantelpiece or arrange them in a triangle shape on the kitchen counter.
  • Put those old empty toilet rolls that you’ve been collecting for no reason to good use! Fill with treats and seal on both ends with tin foil – quick, easy and festive.
  • Make an envelope advent calendar, and place a clue inside each one. Then, on the morning, simply hide the treat in the area that corresponds to that day’s clue – a fun treasure hunt!
  • Remember all the baby socks you still have? Use wash pegs to clip them onto a piece of string, and fill with festive goodness.

It’s never too late or early to get into the festive spirit!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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