Frozen Birthday Theme

by Claire Minnaar


Frozen has taken the world by storm (pun very much intended) and, if you’re mom to a little girl, the odds are princesses Elsa and Anna will be expected to attend the next birthday party. Here are some ideas to complete the theme:


Girls aged 6 to 12

Colour Scheme

Primarily white, shades of light blue, silver and grey. Introduce spots of colour in the candy and the little girls’ outfits.

Eats and Treats

For a summer party, opt for “frozen” treats like popsicles, slushies and an ice castle ice cream cake. When it comes to a winter Frozen party on the other hand, you might want to consider belly warming treats like hot chocolate and muffins. Royal and fancy treats are also a must, so draw inspiration from the coronation party scene and lay the tables with plenty of chocolate, dainty cupcakes and petit fours.

Look and Feel

Decorate the walls in blue tissue paper and sheer cellophane to resemble ice castle walls. Drape the party table in heavy fabrics that one might find in a castle, and hang laser cut snowflakes out of the roof. What’s more, use Styrofoam balls to make the snowman, Olaf, which you can use for the centrepiece or that the girls can pose with for pictures.

Fun and Games

If ever there was a party theme where little girls can go all out and dress up like princesses, this would be it! Consider hiring a party make-up artist to doll them up and have plenty of fabric and embellishments on hand with which they can make their own dresses. Furthermore, you can adapt popular party games to match the theme – for instance, pin the crown on the princess!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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