Fancy Footwork { Foot Print Crafts }

by Claire Minnaar


How often do we as mothers use the phrase, “they grow up so fast”? Foot print art is an excellent way to not only document your little one’s growth, but also preserve the memories that go with it. Be sure to also check out last week’s post on hand print crafts to really make the most of this paint printing technique. Here are a couple of ideas to get you off on the right foot:

  • Decorate the pathway to your front door with kiddie foot prints – this can either be achieved with outdoor paint or by letting the little ones walk in the wet cement.
  • Create a stunning collage of the whole family’s footprints which you can frame and hang in the living room.
  • Do fun and creative print art with the kids, whereby they can decorate and turn their foot prints into animals like penguins, butterflies and chickens.
  • Cut out kiddie foot prints to make specialised bunting for your next family get-together or dinner party.
  • Have the little use fabric paint to stamp their feet onto material, and turn the fabric squares into scatter cushions or a quilt.
  • To really take foot print crafts to a whole new level, let the kiddies print their foot prints on the walls – imagine the stories they’ll dream up of just how the prints got up there!
  • Use prints of your little one’s foot to decorate greeting cards to send out to family and close friends.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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