Think Outside the Pizza Box

by Claire Minnaar


I’m not saying pizza is the healthiest dinnertime option, but we all have those days when life simply gets out of hand or when a pizza treat is just way overdue. At least these nifty pizza box ideas will ease the guilt of this quickie dinner, ever so slightly:

  • Cut out the top and bottom cardboard squares of the box and paint numbers on it to make an indoor hopscotch set for the kiddies to play with in wintertime.
  • Pizza boxes are the ideal “stations” for playing battle ships, so draw your maps on the base and use the lid as cover.
  • Make a DIY easel for kiddies painting sessions. Simply prop up the lid of the pizza box with an extra piece of cardboard.
  • Stack pizza boxes on top of one another and cut off the slim front panels to make a mini paper organiser of sorts.
  • Once completely unfolded, pizza boxes cover quite a bit of floor space – perfect for keeping little ones’ mess contained when playing with clay or finger paint.
  • Turn the box into a giant tic-tac-toe board. Divide the base into 9 squares, using masking tape, and paint the bottom of the lid with blackboard paint to use as scoreboard. Then, simply cut your naughts and crosses out of colourful cardboard!
  • Make a solar smores station! Simply line the inside of the box with tin foil, place the biscuits with marshmallows on top, and angle it at the sun – perfect for camping trips.

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