Art Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar


If your little one has all the makings of a modern day Van Gogh, then look no further than this birthday party theme.


4 to 9

Colour Scheme

As it’s a kiddies’ party, it’s best to go the route of “all the colours on the colour wheel”. However, if it’s a little girl’s soiree, you could always go with softer pastels and more demure water colours.

Eats & Treats

Fill bottles with various coloured drinks, marked as “creative juice”, or serve beverages and jellies in mini cans (available at most craft and gift stores) that resemble paint tins. Make square rice crispy cake pops and dip them in coloured frosting to make “edible paint brushes”, and if the weather allows for it, serve homemade popsicles dipped in chocolate. In terms of colourfulness, be sure to pack the table with candy canes, tall jars of Smarties, a rainbow layered birthday cake and brightly coloured rainbow fruit skewers.

Look & Feel

Make giant “paint splotches” out of coloured paper and stick these on the walls, floor and table top. Collect paint swatches from your nearest hardware store and use it to make the invitations and place cards. Turn old paint cans into interesting seats by popping a cushion onto each, and use easels to display party pictures and the “guest book” around the room.

Fun & Games

Needless to say, this party is going to be all about painting and crafts! Whether you set up a paint-by-numbers station or invest in wooden toys, piggy banks and other goodies which the kiddos can decorate with paint and brushes – the options are virtually endless. Alternatively, let them decorate their own cupcakes and simply display the edible decorations in miniature paint pallets/trays.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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Megan June 4, 2014 - 10:41 am

I love Art Parties. Thanks for the inspiration!


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