Nutri-Q: Homemade Baby Food by a Pediatric Dietician and Mom

by Claire Minnaar


Nutri-Q is the only homemade baby food in South Africa that has been scientifically developed by a Pediatric Dietician and mother of two, Adeline Pretorius. It has been professionally created to introduce textures, prevent fussy eating and to meet baby’s needs at every age.

It is made from 100% fresh ingredients and contain no added salt, sugar or preservatives. Once prepared, the meals are frozen and can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Drawing on 15 years’ experience in the field of Pediatric Dietetics, Adeline developed the recipes over 5 years, designing them to tick all the boxes:


Facts about Nutri-Q

  • The packs meet all baby’s nutritional and developmental needs at every weaning stage, and babies love the taste too. The amounts are perfect for feeding without wasting.
  • Moms simply choose the appropriate colour for their baby’s age. The food is individually packed with dietician-recommended combinations for every age/weaning stage. This prevents fussy eating and ensures that new textures are introduced, the jaws and chewing develop and sugar isn’t introduced earlier than is healthy.
  • Packs can also be mixed and matched if baby prefers more of one food than another.
  • Nutri-Q contains no additives, no preservatives, no salt and is home made from all natural ingredients.
  • The Nutri-Q kitchen has been inspected and approved by the Department of Health and all packaging is BPA free and microwave safe.

More on Nutri-Q


Nutri-Q isn’t just about selling baby food. It’s about helping moms do their best for baby at every stage, meeting individual needs. 

That’s why Adeline also gives nutritional talks and consults with mothers whose babies suffer from food allergies or intolerances. She can tailor meal plans to babies using Nutri-Q food.

Currently Nutri-Q is available for collection in Groenkloof and Sandton, and can also be delivered to your home (for orders over R375). It will also be available at Groenkloof Spar from July this year, and we hope to develop our distribution channels as the business grows.

The Feedback:

  • Parents love the convenience of individually frozen meals and the peace of mind that they’re doing the best for their baby.
  • Babies also love the food and most babies happily tolerate most flavours.
  • Pricing is good, and most parents have fed back that our biggest competitor, Baby Tastes, is too expensive. (It’s pretty much double what Nutri-Q is.)

Contact Info

Adeline Pretorius
Dietician * Dieetkundige
UK Registered Paediatric Dietician
Tel: 071 369 7793
Email: [email protected]

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