(Back)-Pack it Away

by Claire Minnaar


It’s back to school time, which in most moms’ minds mean only one thing: Backpacks strewn around the once neat house, every single afternoon after school! These nifty backpack storage ideas not only ensure that your little ones know exactly where to put their packs when the day is done (keeping the home neat and tidy) but also that everything remains in one place – no more morning run-abouts!

  • Attach heavy-duty hooks to the wall next to the front door where the kiddos can hang their backpacks – out of the way so no one can trip over it!
  • Decorate these hooks and personalise it by buying wooden letters in the shape of each child’s initial, and fastening it to the wall above their individual hooks.
  • Instead, “label” each hook with a photo frame with a picture of your little one inside.
  • Place large plastic containers in the passage or lobby – one for each child to hold backpacks and school shoes.
  • If your house has a vintage look and feel, use oversized second-hand suitcases instead.
  • Paint a square with blackboard paint above each child’s hook or container – ideal for writing the little things they need to remember for school!
  • Have each child decorate their own backpack spot to make it that much more personal.
  • Place a boot-tray below each backpack spot for them to place dirty shoes and gumboots, especially in winter time.
  • Attach an extra hook above each backpack for school blazers or raincoats.

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1 comment

Carolyn Augustus January 21, 2015 - 8:31 am

This is just such an awesome idea! Definitely doing this as soon as we move into our new home. Thanks!


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