Stylish Staircases

by Claire Minnaar


In most houses, the staircase is nothing more than a practical installation that takes up space and serves no decorative purpose whatsoever. However with a dash of creativity and ingenuity, you can quickly turn this towering extra into something of a focal piece – here are some ideas to get your mind racing:

  • Decorate the front-facing section of each stair with vinyl stickers or wallpaper, or use a stenciling technique to paint your favourite quotes onto the individual steps.
  • Alternatively, decoupage a variety of your favourite pictures onto the front panel of the steps, turning it into a literal memory lane.
  • Place a small vase, wooden letters or ornament on each step, between the down-poles of the banister so that it’s out of the way.
  • Alternatively, arrange pot plants or large candles on the outer edges of the stairs, all along the wall.
  • Hang decorations from the banister – for instance, fairy lights, hanging floral vases, mini Chinese lanterns or strings of beads and crystals.
  • Drape a beautiful piece of fabric over the banister, the colour of which can be changed every now and again based on your mood.
  • Decorate the wall that runs along the staircase with an assortment of picture frames, vinyl stickers or mirrors.
  • Remove the front panel of each step and turn these nooks into mini bookshelves or storage space for other pretty trinkets.
  • If the steps lead up to the kiddies’ room, why not give them creative freedom to paint it as they please?

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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