I’m a Little Teacup { DIY + Recycling }

by Claire Minnaar


With kids in the house dropping things left and right, you’re bound to have a couple of incomplete tea sets and mismatched cups. So instead of giving your pretty cups to a second hand shop or chucking them in the bin, consider these nifty recycling ideas:

  • Plant mini cacti, succulents or herb seedlings in the teacups and create a lovely display in the kitchen.
  • Turn vintage teacups into stunning candles by simply melting candle wax into the cup and inserting a wick.
  • Use teacups to serve desserts and starters at your next dinner party.
  • Teacups are ideal for sorting and organising – especially on your crafts or sewing table.
  • Fit the teacups with little lights and hang them upside down above the kitchen counter.
  • Compile a proper little tea set out of your odd cups for your little girls to play “tea party” with.
  • Make little fridge tarts or jellies in teacups to entertain the kiddos or for your next tea party with your mommy friends.
  • Use a teacup as a little flower pot on the coffee table, filling it with freshly cut blossoms straight from the garden.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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