Up-cycled for Make-up { Storage Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


Between dropping off the kids, going to work and managing the household, there’s not a lot of time to do your make-up much less keep the dressing table in order! Here are a couple of quick ideas to help you stay organised and pretty without too much fuss:

  • Attach a metal plate to the wall next to your dressing table and attach magnets to your make-up.
  • Grab an old spice rack to store your bottles of nail polish and foundation.
  • Put those odd coffee mugs and teacups to good use by arranging them on a tray and storing different shades of make-up in them.
  • Use stationery holders to organise hairbrushes, lip-liners and make-up brushes.
  • Add some vintage charm to your dressing table with an assortment of old school cake tins.
  • Fill the base of glass jars with rice or coffee beans to help your brushes stand up straight.
  • For extra organisational points, paint the sides of the jars with black board paint so you can keep track of what’s supposed to be inside.
  • A dish drying rack is the ideal way to store your palettes of eye shadow and blush.
  • Invest in little terracotta planter pots or enamel cans for storing everything from cotton balls to hairbrushes.
  • Add extra levels to your dressing table with a cake stand!

Original images and their credits available on https://za.pinterest.com/momtalksa/makeup-organizers/

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