Get Crafting with Parmalat 3+ Carton Bird House Feeder

by Claire Minnaar


Crafts are not only fun, but a great way for Mom and kids to spend quality time together, perfect for kids to explore being creative plus a fantastic option for building children’s co-ordination. And, best of all, it really does NOT have to be an expensive affair!

Given Parmalat 3+ has brought you some fabulous articles recently, I thought it would be an idea to put something crafty together on what you can do with your empty Parmalat 3+ Carton when your child has finished devouring its contents!

Parmalat 3+ Carton Bird House Feeder

Please note: For best results, use a 1 Litre Parmalat 3+ carton.

First off, make sure you have washed out the carton so there’s no remnants of milk and make sure it’s dry before you move onto the steps below.

With your carton standing upright, cut an opening on the one side of the carton – you can make this opening as long as you would like – I suggest approximately 10cm – 15cm long. For the width, make sure there’s still some carton to the left and right of the hole to keep it nice and sturdy.

Then, have your little one paint the carton in a particular colour or a variety of colours of their choice. Once the paint has dried (hair dryer will speed the drying process up), get creative with the carton by decorating as follows:

  • Add some stickers.
  • Cut out shapes from different coloured paper and stick them on the carton with glue. Flower petals work well here with a button used for the flower’s centre.
  • Draw pictures or add some personalised messages like “Welcome Birdies!” with kokie pens.
  • Glue some old buttons to add some texture.
  • Add a common favourite….glitter! Make that carton shine!

Once decorated, you can create a roof by collecting some sticks in the garden and breaking them all down to the same size and gluing them to the top of the container alongside each other and around the middle lid area which can represent the house’s chimney.

With a punch/knife, create a hole just below the opening (approx. 1cm below) and one on the opposite side of the carton in line with the front hole created. Then, take a garden stick and place through the front hole and out the back hole created.

When everything is dry and complete, fill will seeds and place outside for your birds to come and visit for a good munch!

Tip: If you would like to ensure the visiting birds are safe from your cats and / or dogs, before adding the roof, make sure to lift the 2 flaps on the size of the carton (towards the top), punch a hole in each flap and thread string through the hole and tie a knot at the top. The string will be used to hang the bird feeder in a tree or on the wall!

And, voila – birdseed made! Have fun!

Bought to you by Parmalat Growth Milk 3+

Original article can be found on Parenting 24

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