7 Ways to Make Your Home More Kid-Friendly and Lovable!

by Claire Minnaar


Don’t worry, this article is definitely not about painting the walls pink or blue and putting stickers of Winnie the Pooh or Buzz Light Year up, but more about being creative in your home in such a way that it adds a special and unique touch your kids (and you) will love!

Here are the 7 ways to getting creative in your home for your kiddies without killing your décor:

  1. Get chalking: Purchase chalkboard paint and 2 or more packs of coloured chalk. Paint a small section or entire wall with two coats of the chalk paint (inside or outside). When dry, get chalking – this is possibly one of the top things to do in your home that your kids will thank you for!
  2. Create a play station: This is the area / room where your children have the space (and permission) to play, explore and be creative. Here are a few items you could include in this area either on shelves or on a table and chairs:
    • Child friendly scissors
    • Glue and variety of sticky tapes (clear / colourful / washitape)
    • Pencils and / or crayons
    • Stapler, stables and punch (depending on age)
    • Recycled materials e.g. egg cartons, old cereal boxes, paper, etc
    • Books – reading and colouring books
  3. Show off your children’s works of art: Place some of your children’s art work into frames and hang a whole bunch of them together on a wall. This adds that unique touch we mentioned earlier and is guaranteed to please the artist too. Having a wall full of your children’s artwork will bring personality to the house and will make friends and family smile when coming to visit.
  4. Thrown down some floor cushions: Cushions provide the perfect opportunity of adding a splash of colour to a room. Add some colourful floor cushions to your living area for little ones to sit on, lie on or give Dad a swipe with! If not so keen on floor pillows, consider poufs which work just as well!
  5. Be creative with storage: If you are concerned about toys lying around in your living areas, consider placing woven baskets or pretty buckets in strategic areas. Not only will these items be able to store goodies, they will add colour and texture to the room.
  6. Light it up: There are very few kids who don’t like glow in the dark items or fun forms of lighting. Invest in fairy lights, glow in the dark stickers or those tube lights that can be wrapped around any door or corner or shaped into a word of your choice!
  7. Setup Tent: What child doesn’t love hiding away? A tent, in a room’s corner, can be setup pretty quickly with a decent size sheet, pegs and chairs. Tepees are very popular and there are loads of instructions and ideas on how to make them on Pinterest. Fill it with cushions, some reading material and voila!

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Original article can be found on Parent24

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