Every Letter Counts { Letter Board Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar

Letter boards are all the rage at the moment and, as the kids might say, “I am totally here for it!” If you haven’t come across these creative wall hangings yet, you’re definitely missing out. Forget chalk and blackboard, because there’s no better (and equally dust-free) way to speak your mind than with a few plastic letters and a clean black surface!

I personally love the idea of hanging one of these boards in the lounge or entrance way where your guests can immediately see it – after all, they’re just way too chic and fun to hide away in a corner. From warm welcome messages to a lovely quote of the day – it’s the perfect way to make them feel right at home.

Another creative space in which to apply the black letter boards is in areas of the home where some sort of instructions are needed. For instance, hang one in the kitchen to remind your kids to wash their hands before dinner, or in their bedrooms with a bulleted “to-do list” for every day. Then again, why not just hang it above their beds with a reminder of how much you love them?

Lastly, let’s talk about gifting. If ever there was a way to tell a friend or family member how special they are, it’s with a gift that actually tells them “you rock” or “never stop being amazing” in bold white letters. Plus, it’s a cute card that doubles as the actual present – what’s not to love about that?

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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