New Life for Light Bulbs

by Claire Minnaar


With the shift towards using energy saving bulbs, many of us end up throwing away bags full of light bulbs. Sure, you’re saving the planet, but it still feels like a bit of waste, doesn’t it?

So why not trim the silver metal casing of the bulb and put it to creative use around the house with these nifty DIY ideas:

  • Fill the bulbs with water and flowers, and hang them up around the house with twine to create striking floral focal pieces.
  • Make festive Christmas tree decorations! Paint the bulb with glass glaze or fill it with glitter and a little Christmas figurine.
  • Smooth the edges of thicker glass light bulbs, and use it to hold salt and pepper, spices or little sweeties. You can seal it off with a cork!
  • Make a tiny aquarium with plastic fish and sugar water, or add glitter to make a little snow globe.
  • Plant tiny little succulents or herb seedlings inside the bulb and hang it from the balcony or above the kitchen counter.
  • Simply make a tiny hole in the metal casing, and pop a wick inside. Fill it with spirits and voila – instant paraffin lamp to set the mood!

Original images and their credits avialable on Pinterest

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