Teenage Dream { Girls’ Room DIY }

by Claire Minnaar


Teenagers are renowned for not only wanting space, but needing a space to call their own. While redecorating can be expensive, a couple of DIY tricks can give your teenage daughter the room she’s always dreamed of, without shooting your budget in the foot:

  • Turn a simple string of fairy lights into a flower chain, by simply cutting a small hole in the bottom of a paper cupcake cup and slipping it over each little light.
  • We’re always painting the wall and ceiling, but what about the door? Allow her to paint all kinds of shapes and patterns on the bedroom door.
  • Get glittery! From cell phone chargers and wooden laser cutouts, to lampshades and light switch cover – cover it all in glitter!
  • Buy an affordable mosquito net and suspend it from a hook above the bed, for an instant fairytale bed.
  • Make bunting out of old scraps of fabric, and use it to decorate the walls or act as make-shift headboard.
  • Scour secondhand shops for clothing rails to give her room a fashionable “runway” feel.
  • Magnets are ideal for organising the little things – for instance, stick a magnetic strip to the wall to hold hair pins, or frame a sheet of metal and stick magnets on the back of her make-up for easy storage.
  • Every teenager needs a pin board! This will also save the walls from prestik marks.
  • Give an old dresser a makeover with a simple lick of paint and some vinyl stickers.
  • Coat one wall in a layer of chalkboard paint so she can really express herself.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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