Cotton Candyfloss

by Claire Minnaar


Buying a Cotton Candyfloss gift for any new mom and her baby, means that you will be giving a unique and lasting gift that will outlive any expensive bunch of flowers.


All our gifts are proudly South African; designed and made. And their packaging and presentation is what makes them stand out from the crowd. To illustrate: We have the cute fruit baby grows that are packaged in a ‘jam jar’ as well as a ‘sweet as honey’ baby grow in a honey pot.


We then have a lovely box of 4 cupcakes which are actually 4 pairs of soft cotton baby socks.


Then we have the ever so popular flower bucket which is a soft brushed cotton baby receiving blanket with a pair of soft cotton baby socks all in a white metal bucket. Soon to come is the ice-cream cone. These are just to name a few of our products.

Our gifts are not only great to give when a new baby arrives, but they also make great presents at baby showers, Christenings, first birthdays or any other special occasion.


We also cater for toddlers with our Safari Gift Box set. This is a beautifully presented box filled with wonderful surprises. The contents may vary but usually in it you will find a hand painted little persons mug and plate, a soft cotton African animal toy, and a cd with beautiful South African kids’ music / rhymes.

Our range of gifts is ever expanding. We have recently added the ‘cupcake face cloth’. This is a good quality facecloth wrapped up as a facecloth in a cupcake case. Such a small yet thoughtful gift can be given to any new mom, granny or any other special lady.


All our gifts come beautifully wrapped and ready to give so you don’t need to worry about doing that. And we can either post them off via the SA Postal system with a tracking number or send them with the courier. We can also post gifts overseas.

Good Customer service is very important to us. We strive to go out of our way to make all our customers happy, no matter how big or small the order is.

The idea for Cotton Candyfloss was born the day, owner and founder, Litza’s best friend in Greece had a baby and Litza could not find an original gift other than a bunch of flowers to send to her. Litza has never looked back since that day, and Cotton Candyfloss was officially ‘born’ in Nov 2013.

We currently sell online, primarily via our Facebook page where you can see photos of our products. All enquiries/orders can be mailed to: cottoncandyflossgifts (at)

Our products can also been seen on

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