Repurposed Fish Tanks { Décor DIY }

by Claire Minnaar


The cat got a little out of hand and helped himself or perhaps the kids dropped the entire jar of fish food in the tank – whatever the reason behind Fishy’s demise, the fact of the matter is that you’re now stuck with an empty fish tank and nowhere to go with it. Instead of selling it off for next to nothing, consider these practical craft and décor ideas:

  • Use the tank as a little “greenhouse” or rock garden for growing herbs, succulents and other seedlings.
  • Fill it with candles to create a stunning centerpiece for your next dinner party or focal décor piece for the home.
  • Place the tank in the kids’ room as a toy box. Thanks to the transparency of the tank, they’ll be encouraged to keep it organised.
  • Fill the tank with an abundance of flowers – you’ve never had a vase this big in your home!
  • Use the empty tank as a new cage for a hamster or rabbit – it’s the perfect size and kids can easily watch the little critters through the glass.
  • Place the tank upside down so that the little ones can use the base as a low-riding craft table or colouring space.
  • Top the fish tank with a flat slab of wood for an instant coffee table! The tank can be filled with any trinkets and pretties you might want to display.
  • Place the tank by the front door to hold the kids sporting equipment or muddy shoes.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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