Rainbow Loom Bands

by Claire Minnaar


Loom bands loom kits have been taking the world by storm and now kids (including us big kids) all over South Africa are spending many hours a day, literally hooked.

So what exactly is this new craze all about?

Well, much the same as in the traditional meaning of loom (or looming), loom bands kits offer the opportunity for us to create our own unique bracelets, trinkets and even satchels and dresses…. Yes that’s correct….dresses!


It works by using a board (or plate) called a loom to inter-weave small colourful elastic bands (appropriately called bands) which, when linked forms a chain, bracelet, headband, or pretty much whatever you like!

Combine these two tools together and a huge loom band craze is born! It’s as simple as that!!


It’s no surprise that this craze is spreading across South Africa as it provides great fun and excitement for both parents and children in the safety and comfort of your own home as we all try to impress each other with our creativity and unique designs.


There are hundreds of designs already discovered and proudly flaunted all over the internet. And similarly, new and unique designs are still being discovered and shared by the dozens every day. And best of all when you’re done, you can sell your creations – perhaps even for a handsome profit!!


Loom band dresses are selling on the internet for approx. R35,000 – probably because many of the rich and famous have openly advertised themselves as also been bitten by the loom band bug.

You can find more information on loom bands as well as video tutorials on various designs to get you started by visiting our website.

Rainbow Loom Company South Africa


Rainbow Loom Company South Africa are wholesale and retail distributors across the country and if you would like to purchase loom bands, loom kits or even just refills and accessories visit www.rainbowloomcompany.com or e-mail [email protected] for some great bargains!

Important Notice

There has been a number of articles in the media about Loom Bands and their Accessories containing cancer causing chemicals. Please note that The Loom Company Loom Bands DO NOT contain any lead based chemicals.

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