Playing with Fire { Fireplace Décor }

by Claire Minnaar


Few things turn a house into a home like a warm fire crackling in the grate. But the reality is that fireplaces don’t always work the way they should and they are a mess to clean afterwards! So why not turn this permanent fixture into something of a decorative focal piece?

  • For starters, there’s the mantle – it needn’t only be decorated with stockings at Christmas time, so here are a couple of ways to adorn this space:
  • Flowers – either in vases or, if you’re in an elaborate state of mind, stunning blossoms cascading over the mantle.
  • Lights in all shapes and sizes – for instance candles, lanterns or fairy lights draped over the edge.
  • Ornamental elements arranged in a row: Ceramic figures, a variety of small mirrors, mini vases, and so forth. This is especially striking if the elements are similar in shape, colour or size.
  • Bunting – fabric or paper flags, photos of the family, or letters spelling out your surname.
  • Family pictures and gorgeous frames – what better place to display these precious memories?

If your fireplace isn’t fully functioning, it’s worth decorating that gaping mouth with something oh-so pretty to remind hubby or guests not to light up a fire in the grate. Fill it with:

  • Candles, a selection of tall glass vases, hanging Chinese Lanterns or flower arrangements.
  • Cover the entire mouth of the fireplace with a mirror, black board (with a quote written on it) or an enlarged photo of the whole fandamily.
  • Place a large lantern or standing chandelier in the fireplace.
  • For a rustic look, “board” it up with rough pieces of wood and decorate it with vines and flowers.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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