Pantry Box

by Claire Minnaar


Pantry Box delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients in the exact quantities you need, with step-by-step recipe cards, enabling you to recreate four tasty and well-balanced dinners every week. No planning, minimal preparation, delicious dinner.


  • No subscription, no commitment. The service can be paused at your leisure.
  • Fresh, best-quality ingredients sourced from suppliers like Woolworths.
  • Chef-inspired meals make cooking fun and easy.
  • Prepared ingredients and precise quantities save you time and money.
  • Delivered right to your pantry every Monday.


Our extensive collection of recipes means new, exciting and healthy meals every week! Dinner boxes are available in two options, Gourmet or Family, portioned for two, four or six people: The Gourmet Box is for the connoisseurs of good food. This box introduces many exciting ingredients and techniques that will unleash the master chef you were always destined to be. The Family Box will turn your kitchen into a space of fun as we help you create more traditional family favourites spruced up with a twist. This box comprises of child-friendly flavours that adults will love too. We are also in the process of launching a veggie box, go to and vote for veggies to be notified when it makes it’s grand, meat-free, debut.

Do you have a fussy-eater at your dinner table? No problem! You can swap out one of the meals from your BOX for a meal that better suits your taste. This comes at no extra cost.

Move past your ten recipe repertoire and take your family on a taste adventure!

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