Bubble Wrap { What’s not to love!? }

by Claire Minnaar


When you mention “bubble wrap” to anyone, the response is always the same: A sparkle in the eye, a childlike grin and instant enthusiasm to “get poppin’!” Here are a couple of ideas for making this already intriguing material even more of an entertainment tool:

  • Use a piece of bubble wrap as a “stamp” to create stunning polka dot designs. To make life easier, simply wrap the bubbly plastic around a paper towel roll to create a paint roller of sorts.
  • Make bubble wrap slippers for/with the kiddies! Can you imagine anything more fun for a little one than walking on bubbles and hearing the “Pop! Pop!” of their footsteps?
  • Inject paint into the individual bubbles, using a very fine syringe, and to create stunning patterns that you can use as wall covering or art work.
  • Next time you’re compiling a gift for a friend, include a piece of bubble wrap as part of the pamper box and label it as an “instant stress reliever”.
  • Make a pop-able calendar! Print out a simple calendar, ensuring that the numbers are aligned with the bubbles. Then, stick the bubble wrap on top of the calendar and “pop” the days as they go by.
  • Make honeycomb inspired chocolates, soap or candles by first placing a piece of bubble wrap in the mold before pouring the molten mixture on top.
  • Mesmerise your guests at the next dinner party by using rectangular pieces of bubble wrap as place mats or covering the flower vases in the bubbly good stuff.
  • Believe it or not – bubble wrap is an excellent form of insulation! So why not use it to insulate windows or cracks of your holiday house in winter or a travelling shoe box for the hamster?

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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