A Jar Full of Joy { Jar Cakes }

by Claire Minnaar

Cake comes in many delicious shapes and sizes, but my favourite is without a doubt cake in a jar. While you might think of it as just another fun wedding trend, jar cakes are actually so incredibly versatile that you don’t have to throw an expensive white party to serve up some sweet jarred delights.

One of my favourite reasons for preparing jar cakes is when I happen to have a flopped cake on my hands. Yes, it happens to everyone! After hours of effort and kitchen chaos, the last thing you want to do is chuck the flop in the bin, so why not “recycle” it into delicious jar cakes?

  • TIP 1: If your cake has collapsed, simply use a cookie cutter to cut it into circles, then layer it in your jars with buttercream frosting.
  • TIP 2: If the cake is stuck to the bottom of the cake pan, scrape it out and break the cake into large bite-sized pieces. Use these “crumbs” to assemble your “cake mess”.

Remember, jar cakes also provide the perfect opportunity to showcase the beautiful layers of your cake so now is the time to play around with colours and flavour – for instance, why not make mini rainbow jar cakes or pick a colour and opt for ombre? An important factor to bear in mind when working with jars is that glass can shatter under high temperatures – so it’s always best to bake the cake in a separate cake tin and assemble in the jar once cooled.

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