Healthy Winter Twists

by Claire Minnaar

It’s that time of the year when we automatically reach for the comfort food. It’s cold, it’s miserable, and all you really want is a good ol’ burger or slice of pizza. Now, most health and fitness blogs tell us to steer clear of the good stuff and opt for healthy salads instead – but let’s be realistic! It’s not quite that easy.

So this winter, I’ve made it my mission to healthy-fy a few family favourites so that my family can still enjoy their favourite “junk foods”.

  • Nachos: Instead of nacho chips, roast thin slices of butternut in the oven and layer it up with lean beef mince and guacamole.
  • Beef burgers: Cut the carbs by replacing the bun with a mini omelet, and topping it with fresh lettuce, herbs, and the works.
  • Pizza: Cut back on the cheese, and instead of a regular pizza base, opt for a thin whole wheat or cauliflower pizza base.
  • Pasta: Instead of creamy sauces, try opting for more tomato based pastas or use spiralised vegetables instead of normal pasta.
  • Mac & Cheese: Substitute the pasta for roasted butternut or sweet potato – therefore all of the yummy sauce, cheese and bacon can stay!

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