Recycle That Crib!

by Claire Minnaar


When baby takes the next big step and finally agrees to sleeping in a big kiddie bed, it’s time to put that old crib to better use. If there’s no one you can donate it to, consider one of these nifty DIY ideas and re-purpose the crib into a practical décor element or mind-blowing statement piece for your home:

  • Turn one or both of the side panels into a stunning headboard for your little one’s new bed.
  • Place the crib on its (short) side, and place wooden shelves across the side bars to make a nifty shelf unit.
  • Make a kiddies’ craft table by removing one of the sides and allowing them to use the base of the crib as table top. You can even take it a step further by painting the top with black board paint.
  • In the same way, turn the crib into a bench either for outdoors or the living room.
  • Make a doggy crate by chopping off the crib legs and closing up the top.
  • Place the side panel up against a wall and hang towels or magazines over the cross bars.
  • Attach the side panel to a wall in your craft room or kitchen and hang bits and bobs from the cross bars using simple S-bend metal hooks.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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