Humpty Dumpty { Party Theme }

by Claire Minnaar


As one of the first fairy tale characters that most kids encounter, Humpty Dumpty is a must-do party theme on every mother’s checklist! Here are a couple of tips throwing a party that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men would never be able to “put together”.


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Colour Scheme

Baby blue and white with hints of red and yellow.

Look & Feel

Decorate paper plates to look like Humpty, and use masking tape to turn a normal painted wall into a “brick” wall – the ideal backdrop for photos. “All the king’s horses” can also come into play when creating the decorations, and you can make a paper maché Humpty piñata to hang above the table (which the kids can whack apart later).

Eats & Treats

It’s all about the egg! Chocolate easter eggs are top of the list, followed closely by savoury devilled eggs (for more mature palates) and Humpty looking cake pops. Bake oval shaped sugar cookies and decorate it like Humpty Dumpty, and bake a chocolate-vanilla checkerboard cake to represent the wall he fell off of.

Fun & Games

Buy a variety of white chocolate eggs or hardboiled eggs and let the kids paint their own version of humpty dumpty, or buy top hats in bulk and let them decorate their own Humpty hats. You can also make a large cardboard Humpty Dumpty puzzle for them to “put back together again” or set up a target against a Humpty wall and let them live every child’s dream and throw eggs at it for points.

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