Lunchbox Full of Rainbows

by Claire Minnaar


When pink is no longer enough, most little girls tend to move on to their rainbow phase. Rainbow cakes have taken the world by storm, but why not add a little rainbow sparkle to every day with any of these delicious rainbow lunchbox treats – bound to make your little princess the envy of her colour-loving friends:

  • Use a variety of fruits like strawberries and grapes to make deliciously healthy rainbow skewers or fruit pots.
  • Layer 4 slices of bread with different coloured spreads like mayo, pesto, cucumber and tomato slices, or different colours and flavours of jam.
  • Ingredients like pineapple, tomato and spinach are the ideal toppings for rainbow pizza slices.
  • Rainbow jar cakes are not only delicious and appealing, but also ideal for the lunchbox as its mess and fuss-free!
  • Make rainbow roll-ups! Simply add food colouring to a teaspoon of cream cheese, and spread each pancake with a different colour before slicing into wheels.
  • When making rice crispy treats, divide the mix into bows and add a dash of food colouring to each before layering it up.
  • In the same way, divide up flapjack batter to make different coloured mini pancakes that you can layer up on a skewer stick.

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