Happy Duplo-Day { Party Theme }

by Claire Minnaar


Forget dinosaurs, pirates and princesses, and get with the times, Mom – Duplo is the party theme of the moment! There’s so much fun to be had with this theme, and best of all – it paves the way for your little one to be involved in the planning and party setup.


1+ and up

Décor & Goodies:

Create Duplo party bags by decorating a variety of plain paper bags with spots of the same (or slightly darker) colour. To further complement the theme, decorate small rectangular party tables to resemble giant Duplo blocks! Simply cover the table with a plain tablecloth, and place 4 paper plates of the same colour on each side. Rope the kids in to build cutlery holders out of Duplo blocks, not to mention each child guest’s name (which they can take home as a party favour).

Eats & Treats:

Duplo-shaped cookie cutters are available at most baking stores these days, but then again – you may as well just bake rectangular cookies and decorate with Smarties! Rice Krispy treats also lend themselves to the theme, and decorating it with icing and sweets can be part of the party fun. Keep an eye out for treats like rectangular chocolate bars and juice boxes that can easily be transformed into Duplo blocks.

Fun & Games:

Naturally, now would be the time to bring out the actual Duplo blocks, so the kiddos can play and create! You can also make giant Duplo bricks by covering large boxes in coloured paper and stacking them up against the wall – or create your own twister mat, where the dots are replaced by Duplo shape paper cutouts.

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