Long Live Lego! { Remake + Recycle }

by Claire Minnaar


If your kids are into Lego and Duplo, the odds are that they simply cannot imagine ever out-growing it! After all, who wouldn’t want to play with Lego when you’re 82? Then again, there will come a time when they move on, but instead of moving it to the back of the cupboard – get into DIY mode!

I love the idea of turning treasured Lego and Duplo into something that my kids can hang onto forever – a small part of their childhood! One great example is to have the bricks set beneath a layer of glass, and turned into a tabletop for a small end table. Alternatively, use Duplo blocks to create a mosaic style mirror frame to spruce up your little one’s bedroom.

When your daughters hit their tween and teen years, Duplo and Lego can make a lovely addition to their jewellery collection. Who wouldn’t swoon over a pair of dangling Lego earrings or an elasticated bracelet? Then again, you can always build a Duplo or Lego pencil box to go on her desk – so very innovative and fun!

While they can deny it all they want, adults are still charmed by these snapable bricks. I just love seeing the reaction that design items like Lego coasters and cutlery holders evoke! Next time you host a dinner party, use Duplo blocks to build a striking vase or planter pot for the table – just remember to place a small glass jar or plastic pot within the Lego casing to hold the water.

It just goes to show: Life might carry on, but Lego is forever!

This article was brought to you by Lego.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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