Savvy Sorting

by Claire Minnaar


Sorting is a skill that kids need to learn at a very young and tender age. While they often pick it up of own accord and are taught at pre-school, it’s best to start honing this important skill at home. Here are a couple of ideas for “sortable” household objects that are simply perfect for teaching them to distinguish between different shapes, colours and sizes:

  • Scatter an assortment of buttons on the table – various shapes and sizes – which your little one then needs to match up.
  • Collect a variety of plastic containers with lids and let your child find the right lid to fit each container.
  • Next time you’re ironing, let your child sort the clothes or a pile of socks by colour or matching pairs.
  • Place various coloured paper cups on the table and let them sort it by colour or from big to small.
  • Let them arrange coloured crayons or pencils from long to short or in the colour of the rainbow.
  • Collect a variety of small change coins – not only will this teach them to sort but also the different values of the coins.
  • When it comes to candy time, let your little one sort something like jelly beans by colour before munching.

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